WK Life 3D Bionic Killer Photo Catalyst Mosquito Killer Lamp for 360° Trapping with Zero Fume, USB Mosquito Killer for Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen, Indoor and Outdoor-Black




  • Perfect Non-Toxic And Chemical Free Alternative To Those Conventional Methods Of Insect Control In The Market-Repellent Creams, Aerosol Sprays And Fogs Which Are In Very Obvious Ways Harmful To The Health Of Your Children, Pets Or Pregnant Women. Be At Peace Knowing Your Loved Ones Are In A Healthy Chemical Free Atmosphere By Making This Switch.
  • Device Is Low On Maintenance And Power Consumption And You Don’t Necessarily Have To Engage Yourself In The Hassle Of Finding Power Sockets Everywhere As It Can Be Powered By Any USB Device, Such As Laptop, PC, Mobile Phone, Charging Adapter, Etc.
  • Comes With An Integrated Storage Box That Collects All The Mosquito Debris. Just Equip Yourself With A Paper Towel Or A Small Brush To Clean The Mosquitoes. Say Yes To Easy Operation And Convenient Cleaning.
  • Its Compact Size And Portable Design Ensure You Throw It Anywhere- Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen, Basement, Backyard, Porches, Deck, Offices, Hotels, Terrace Or Places Where You Don’t Want To Be Disturbed By Mosquitoes. It Can Even Be Taken For Travel And Camping.
  • Forget That Constant Buzzing Of Mosquitoes Overnight, Its 25db Soft Tone Operation Doesn’t Disturb Your Sleep Making Sure Your Nights Are Quiet And Mornings Are Fresh.
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SKU: WK-3D Bionic Mosquito Killer


3D Bionic Mosquito Killer is an innovative convenience tool from WK Life. This ergonomically designed device is unique in its application of 3D air circulation and bionic thermophiles technology to a physical and non-chemical control of mosquitoes. The repellent is low on maintenance and is an easy-to-use mosquito killer. All you need to do is simply plug in the mosquito trap into USB and watch your area become free of all pesky and annoying mosquitoes. The mosquito killer trap features a series of photo catalyst lights which mosquitoes find irresistible and get attracted to the trap. The vortex created by air circulation then sucks the mosquitoes inside and prevents them from escaping and eliminates them by air-drying and dehydrating. This 3D Bionic Mosquito Killer is zero on chemical, toxins, radiations and is perfect to be placed even in your kid’s room. The ultra-quite design of the machine produces almost no noise and lets you enjoy a mosquito free night.

Dimensions 220 × 125 × 116 mm