Wk Life Automatic Soap Magic Hands-Free Soap Dispenser


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  • Hassle-Free Use: Using Traditional Bars And Pumps Leaves A Sticky Residue In Your Bathroom Or Kitchen Sink. Our Improved Non-Contact Soap Dispenser Dispenses Directly To Your Hands without Leaking Or Dripping.
  • Easy To Operate – There Is No Need To Manually Pump A Dispenser Bottle To Wash Your Hands. Simply Place Your Hand Under The Nozzle To Automatically Get A Good-Sized Drop Of Liquid Soap.
  • Sensor Dispenser Is Perfect For Wall Mounting Or Countertop Placement For Added Convenience. Its Transparent Reservoir Allows You To See How Much Soap Is Left
  • Longer Battery Life: The Battery Compartment Of Our Dispenser Is Positioned On The Back To Protect Against Moisture. The Energy Efficiency Feature Allows You To Dispense For A Year Without Replacing Batteries.
  • Multiple Adjustable: Our Automatic Soap Dispenser Controls The Volume Of Liquid By Means Of The Power Switch (On / Off) You Can Adjust For Different Dispensed Quantities That You Want To Go Out. This Is Ideal For Your Children Because It Will Prevent The Soap From Being Wasted