WK Life Automatic USB Rechargeable Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with UV & Mist Sanitization Sweeping



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  • This Robotic Floor Cleaner Features A Strong Suction Power Of 1200 Pa That Ensures It Is Able To Deliver Thorough Cleaning And 55db Working Noise Makes Sure That Cleaning Doesn’t Disturb Your Life.
  • Works For A Relentless 90 Minutes With No Need Of Supervision And A Charging Time Of Just 3-4 Hours. USB Recharging Is Your Easy Solution When Power Goes Down.
  • It Uses Drop-Sensing Technology To Avoid Falling Down Stairs And Off Of Ledges And Anti-Collision Detection To Not Hit Furniture And Other Real-Life Clutter.
  • It’s Slim And Low-Profile Design Allows To Clean Under Most Furniture And Along Skirting Boards, So Dirt Has No Place To Hide
  • The Intelligent Mopping Machine Is Suitable To Roll Over A Variety Of Floors, Wood Panels, Marble, Ceramic Tiles, Etc. To Get To The Mess.
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SKU: WK-IS28A-robot sweeper

About the product

Jallen Gabor IS28A Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner With 2-In-1 Mopping And Vacuum Cleaner Lets You Have A Clean And Hygienic Home Or Office Space Pretty Much Effortlessly. Its Different Processors Track Its Movements In Real-Time And Calculate The Data Using Visual Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (Vslam) Algorithm To Map Out The Layout Of Your Home And Determine The Best Cleaning Routes And The Elegant Move Technology Of This Appliance Comes With A Proximity Sensor Which Enables An Effective Navigation System. The Robotic Floor Cleaner’s Anti-Shock And Anti-Fall Sensors Protect It From Any Damage Due To The Appliance’s Sudden Fall And Shock. Plus, Its Dirt Detect Technology Provides Additional Cleaning Of The Dirt-Concentrated Areas That This Robotic Floor Cleaner Automatically Recognizes.

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