Wk Life Heater Sunshine Series Portable MOQ:10 (RL-WM10)




  • Material:ABS+PBT
  • CTN G.W.:23.5 KG;
  • CTN SIZE: 44X41X59.7 CM
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Product Introduction With 3 flexible heating modes, Remax RL-WM10 mini fan will be the most useful device in the winter of your family. Unique ceramic material Ceramic material helps insulate well, fire at high temperatures help protect users and have high aesthetics. Remax mini fan RL-WM10 owns extremely compact design, only about 130 x 192 mm. Therefore, RL-WM10 is suitable for use on desks, bedroom tables, bookshelves, etc. without causing problems or taking up too much space as conventional heaters. Anti-shock grille, overheat The front of the RL-WM10 heater is equipped with a smart grille, that helps the temperature radiate more evenly, not heated in one place. In addition, this grille section is painted insulating and thermal, preventing burns and jerks very well, ensuring user safety*9/89

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