Wk Life HP-067 Luxury (Fast Charging) Power Bank 10000 mAh


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  • Capacity 10000 Mah & 6 Months warranty, it is 80% quicker than normal power bank, Save time for other work. Quick charge also support while charging the power bank.
  • Portable light easy to Carry
  • It will intelligently detect the connected device requirement and supply only required constant current and voltage to the device, and also protect the power bank from unwanted surge in the input supply while charging power bank.
  • Extremely lightweight and thin, the Micro control unit provides safe and intelligent charging with 5 ways protection like over charge protection and over discharge protection, Over voltage protection and over temperature protection, and Output short circuit protection
  • To achieve optimal charging effect please use the attached USB cable to charge.charging begins after you have connected your digital devices with this power bank .you can check the remaining battery level by LED Indicator light
  • 6 Months Warranty

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The all-new WK power bank HP-067 10000mAh is a portable powerhouse that comes with 37WH quick charging that ensures that your devices charge quickly and you can be on the move. The Power Bank features dual port output and input with two-way quick charging without compromising on the size and quality. WK Power bank hp-067 cmes with 4 power indicators. You can always check the remaining battery level by LED indicator light.



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