WK Life Kitchen Bin with Sensor Lid, Automatic Waste Dustbin, Sensor Bin Touchless Rectangular Trash Can for Kitchen, Bedroom, Office, Toilet, Odour Proof, 13L Large Capacity


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  • Weight: 1.2kg
  • Capacity: 13L
  • Dimensions: 25*18*30cm
  • Induction time: 0 second
  • Induction distance: 6-30cm
  • Three Modes: induction, touch, manual
  • Material: ABS + PP polypropylene + electronic components
  • Function: touch button, intelligent induction, kick induction
SKU: WK-Garbage can-White


·        Smart Trash Can / Intelligent Dustbin You will surely enjoy using this sensor trash can. Likewise, it can open automatically open for you so you don’t need to hold its cover. With this, your hands will not be contaminated with            the dirt and germs from the garbage bin.

·        This sensor trash bin is perfect to use at home or office. Moreover, you can put this in the bedroom, kitchen, or the comfort room of your house. For your workplace, this is ideal to put beside your desk so you can conveniently          throw your trash.

·        Observing cleanliness on your surroundings is certainly important. Moreover, it must be our priority since by keeping clean, we can avoid getting diseases. Health is wealth as they say.

·        And true enough, we must always take good care of our health so we can live longer. This sensor trash can is one tool that we can use to stay clean and avoid sickness.

·        Moreover, pressing the Open button can keep it open until you press the Close button. And if it loses power from the battery, you can just open the lid manually so you can still use it.