WK Life Nano Ionic Medical Steam Inhaler, Vaporiser For Face & Inhaler During Cough, Cold, Sinus, & COVID. Perfect For Men/Women & Very Safe For Kids For Non Spilling Water Technology. Good For Beauty Spa With One Year Warranty




  • Nano-Atomization Steaming Unit: Say Goodbye To All Skin Problems With This Brilliant Face Steamer. With Nano-Atomization Technology, This Steamer Opens Up Pores And Clears Them. This Nano Ionic Facial Steamer Is Designed For Natural Facial Care And Quick Replenishment.
  • Prevent Dryness: It Can Be Used As A Humidifier To Moist Your Room’s Air. Within 30 Seconds It Will Start Humidifying Your Room. You Can Even Run It For A Long Time To Prevent Dryness From The Air.
  • Relieve Sinusitis: The Device Allows You To Steam Your Blocked Nose And Relieves Sinusitis. It Could Be Effective To Treat Flu And Cold By Expelling Out Mucus From The Nasal As Well. If Your Sinus Congestion Is Worse At Night, Take Steam Before Bed To Sleep Better In No Time.
  • Good Capacity: The Removable Water Tank Has A 65 Ml Capacity That Can Emit Steam Non-Stop For Up To 10 Minutes. The Tank Is Easy To Remove, Fill And Assemble. You Can Also Refill It By Using The Provided Measuring Cup.
  • Compact And Easy To Clean: Its Compact Size Allows Easy Transportation. You Can Carry It Along Anywhere With Ease. It Is Easy To Clean And Store Too.
  • weight : 450 gm
  • 1 year warranty
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SKU: WK-Electric facial steamer


Are You Struggling To Get Glowing And Healthy Skin? Bring Home Compact WK Life Nano Ionic Facial Steamer With Great Features To Experience A Professional Facial Spa Without Leaving The Comforts Of Your Home. Its Ultrasonic System Produces Nano Steam With Charged Ionic Particles And Ensures 10x More Effective Results Giving You Healthy, Improved And Replenished Skin. The Steam Particles Produced By The Device Unblock Your Pores By Removing Toxins And Dirt Particles Clogged In Your Skin. It Houses A 65 Ml Water Tank That Gives 10 Minutes Of Continuous Steam. Moreover, This Is The Best Facial Steamer For Miraculous Care Of Your Skin As It Increases The Circulation Of Blood To Make Your Skin Look Younger, Supple, Moist And Elastic. It Can Clear The Hair Follicles And Discharge The Grease, Dust Of Pores, And Effectively Prevent And Treat Acne. Best As Steamer For Nasal Congestion, Steamer For Kids, Steamer For Baby Breathing, Vaporizer For Kids. Being Compact And Portable In Size And Weight, This Is Small Enough To Transport With You From One Place To Another.