WK Life Revolutionary Patented Innovative Longest Foldable Multipurpose Body And Back Shaver, Trimmer To Shave Where Hands Can’t Reach For Men/Women




  • Extendable And Adjustable Handle – The Longitudinal Dimension Of 14.3 Inches Wins This Body Shaver From WK Life The Title Of Longest Body Shaver In The Market. It’s Professionally Designed Handle Extends And Locks At Any Length You Choose And Its Handy S-Shape Grants You Access To All Those Hard-To-Reach Areas And Actually Makes Your Usually Exasperating Shaving Routine A Diy.
  • Premium Blade Design – It Barely Matters Whether You Are The Kind Of The Guy With A Quick Hair Growth Or You Grow Hair Normally . With The Option Of Choosing Between Two Blade Sizes One For Long Hair And Other For Short , A Smooth And Clean Finish Is Promised Every Time With Least Of The Efforts In Minimum Strokes.
  • Travel Friendly This Sleek, Lightweight And Compact Shaver Easily Folds Down For Convenient Storage And Travel To Provide You With The Convenience Of Having A Perfectly Shaved Back On The Go.
  • Flexibility Ensures Extreme Reach: The Longest Body Shaver Is Also The Most Pliable. Its 180 Degree Rotation Ensures You Experience The Comfort And Hassle Free Feeling Of Shaving At Your Own.
  • Replaceable Battery – All You Need To Power This To-Be Helping Hand Of Yours Is Two AA Batteries .So, Its Going To Be Light On Your Pockets And Congratulations For An Economical Purchase.
  • 6 Months Warranty
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Your Fatiguing Shaving Routine Is Now All Fun And Games With This Uniquely Designed WK Life Back Body Shaver. Presenting To You This Product With A Pledge To End Your Reliance On Any Of Your Acquaintances Or Those Hefty Salon Trips. The Engineered Design Of It Will Enable You To Reach All Areas Of Your Back By Yourself With Ease. Its Attachment Heads Are Designed To Effortlessly Follow The Contours Of Your Back For Perfect Blade To Skin Contact At Any Angle, Resulting In A Perfectly Satisfying Shaving Experience. It Features A 1.8-Inch Ultra-Wide Back Groomer Blade To Shave Large Areas And Longer Hairs Quickly, Plus An Additional Foil Body Groomer Bi-Directional Head For Regular Maintenance, Shorter Hairs, And A Perfectly Smooth Shave. Its Ultra-Sensitive Blades Are Made From Stainless Steel, Hence Are Non-Allergic, Giving You A Soothing, Non-Irritating Shave. Powering It Is More Than Easy, Two AA Batteries Are Not Only Cheap But No Cords Provide The Device The Element Of Portability, Making It Your Ultimate Friend For Travel. With This Innovation, It’s About Time That You Step Up Your Grooming Game, Anytime, Anywhere, On Your Own.



Dimensions 240 × 70 × 240 mm