WK Life RL-E190 360-Degree Free Twisted Tub,Eye Protection Lamp is an Elegantly Designed and High Utility Rechargeable LED Table Lamp with 3-Spoliness Lights- White


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  • Elegant Swan Styling: Graceful Design Sits Ethereally On Your Desk. White Colour Merges With Any Background And Doesn’t Disturb Your Décor, At Most Adds To Its Beauty.
  • 360 Degree Gooseneck: 360-Degree Free Twisted Tube Can Be Bent To Direct Light Just Where You Want It. Charging Duration Is 8 Hours.
  • Touch-Controlled To Adjust Brightness: The Lamp Has 3 Level Of Brightness (High-Medium-Low). Easy To Turn On And Off In 2 Seconds By Touch-Sensitive Controller.
  • Wireless, Portable, Lightweight: Made Of ABS Material Which Is Durable, Reliable And Lightweight Means You Can Carrying It From One Room To Another Is Easy.
  • Recharged By Any USB Output; Has A USB Port, You Can Charge It By Your Own Adapter, Mobile Phone Or Computer.
  • 6 Months Warranty
SKU: RL-E190 Dawn Lamp-White


Remax Dawn Eye Protection Lamp Is An Elegantly Designed And High Utility Rechargeable LED Table Lamp. LED Technology Has Taken A Huge Leap Forward And Now Even The Basic LED Bulbs Can Last For Years. Dawn Table Lamp Features 18 Bright Leds (Not 10 Or 14 As In Other Similar Items). There Are Three Brightness Levels-Low, Medium And High Controlled By The Touch Sensitive Button. The Lamp Looks Elegant In White Colour. Can Be Charged Simply By Plugging In Any USB Output And Most Important Protects Your Eyes, So Long Hours Of Working Under The Light Are Not That Stressing On Your Eyes.

Dimensions 150 × 100 × 300 mm