Wk Life RL-LT11 Jelly Fish Series Mobile Phone Wireless Charger Night light-White


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  • Wireless Charging  RL-LT11
  • The wireless charging RL-LT11 has a simple design, stable charging capacity and safety for all mobile devices. Let Shop immediately refer to the following outstanding features of this product.
  • Compact design – convenient
  • RL-LT11 is a wireless charger model with a flat white circle design that is very simple and elegant, but no less luxurious and unique. When started, the LED system inside will automatically light  up and change color continuously, creating variety for the wireless charging RL-LT11.
  • With its extremely compact size, you can completely carry the RL-LT11 with you when going out without worrying about taking up too much space in your bag or causing inconvenience. Although not too large, but the contact surface of the RL-LT11 still ensures absolute contact with the wireless charger
  • High quality Silicon material
  • The RL-LT11 wireless charging is made of soft silicone material that feels comfortable to use. Especially, the charging 4 surface is designed with circular shapes to help support and fix the phone better.
  • High-grade, safe silicon ensures no radiation effects and radiation like other metal materials.
  • Qi wireless charging technology
  • Equipped with smart chip RL-LT11 charging dock that supports Qi standard wireless charging feature, ensuring stable charging with all models.
  • The charging conversion rate is over 73%,  which is quite impressive compared to other wireless charging lines.
  • Especially, the smart switch chip helps to control the temperature during the charging process, does not cause heat. You can recharge the phone with capacities from 5W – 10W with the RL- LT11, which is suitable for many different models.
  • Support charging from a distance
  • With the RL-LT11 you can completely charge your phone without removing the case. This charging cradle allows you to charge at a fast and stable speed within a distance of 8mm
  • Product name: RL-LT11 Jellyfish Series wireless charging integrated night light
  • Model: RL-LT11
  • Capacity: 5W / 10W
  • Material: Silicon + ABS
  • Color: White
  • 12 Months Warranty
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