Wk Life Temperature Display Indicator Bottles (Hot & Cold Flask Bottle)


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  • WATERPROOF LED DISPLAY : Waterproof LED Display That Can Be Completely Submerged In Water. Just Touch The LED Screen And The Temperature Of The Liquid Will Show On The LED Screen. You Do Not Have To Test The Temperature With Your Mouth Or Risk To Get Burn
  • SAFE & HEALTHY MATERIAL: The Inner Wall Is Made Of 304 Grade Food Grade Stainless Steel And The Outer Case Is Made Of High Quality 204 Stainless Steel.
  • INCLUDES TEA FILTER : Comes With Stainless Steel Tea Filter To Separate The Tea Bag And Water. Makes Tea Taste That Much Better
  • EASY TO CARRY: The 500ml Capacity Is Perfect For Carrying Around, Whether It’s At Outdoor Sports, Office, Beach, School, Picnic, Hot Yoga, Hiking, Camping, Cycling, Running, Walking, Gym, Fitness, Etc.. It Slides Easily Into The Car Cup Holder The Bicycle Rack Or The Bag On Both Sides Of The Backpack. Wherever You Can Enjoy The Pleasure Of The Travel Tumbler.
  • The Vacuum Insulated Tumbler With A Detachable Tea Strainer. You Can Soak The Scattered Tea Leaves In The Cup And Use The Filter As A Compartment When Drinking. You Can Also Remove The Filter Directly And Load The Beverage You Want To Drink.
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