Wk Life WP-040 10000 mAh Cylinder Fast Charging Luxury Power bank (Red)


  • Model: WP-040
  • Capacity: 10000mah (37Wh)
  • Input: DC5V-2.0A
  • Output: DC5V-2.0A
  • Input Port: MICRO*1
  • Output Port: USB*1
  • Size: 106*55*55mm
  • Power View: Press To View
  • Power Display: LED Lights
  • Accessory: 100mm Lightening Cable
  • Warranty: 6 Months

10000mAh super compact gas tank

In addition to the large capacity, fast charging feature, the appearance design is one of the factors attracting the attention of the user. Now, the power banks are “multifaceted” manufacturers with countless different shapes. In addition to cute and funny animals, household appliances are also some of their ideas.

Austin 10,000mAh WP-040 backup battery is a product inspired by the gas cylinders in the house. The gas cylinders are always full of energy to help people cook easily. As for the WP-041, this gas tank will also bring a lot of energy to create a great user experience.

Large 10,000mAh battery capacity

With a large capacity up to 10000mAh, users are completely assured when carrying them with you. This capacity will give from 2-4 times depending on the type of phone. So even if you go out all day, don’t worry about your phone running out of battery suddenly. Especially with 5V-2A output and input, the WP-041 backup battery provides fast charging and is compatible with many different mobile devices from iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, ..

Durable shell for sure

Using the Backup Battery Austin 10,000mAh WP-040 you are completely assured of the safety that the manufacturer created it. They possess a thick, solid shell made with explosion-proof and heat-resistant during operation. Ensure that users, equipment and power banks are not exposed to undue risks. Besides, this shell is also effective against scratches when it comes to friction and friction with other objects.

SKU: WK-WP-040