Wk Life Y10 Wired Earphone High Quality Sound


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  • Model: Y10
  • Wire Material: TPE
  • Wire Length:2M
  • MIC Specification: 4013
  • Product Weight: 28g
  • 12 Months Warranty

Elegant design

WK Y10 possesses a quite compact design and light weight suitable for all day use with a phone or computer without causing discomfort and pain. The simple design of the ear cup made of high-grade plastic with a structure that fits the ear mold. So Wk Y10 wired headphones give users a feeling of wearing solid, comfortable and not as easy to fall as silicon earplugs.

Wk Y10 headphones  are made of pliable ABS + TPE material for a soft, elegant look. The wire part is made of pure copper and high-grade PU plastic coating for good sound transmission, soft and anti-tangle. Cable length up to 1.2m is very convenient to use.

High quality sound

WK Y10 is equipped with HiFi sound technology to deliver crystal clear and realistic sound. The headphone frequency range is wide, from low to mid and high for bass – clear, sharp treble. Is the WK Y10    can play any type of music that you love

Integrated controls

Y10 is equipped with a control button on the headset cord that allows you to increase or decrease the volume, receive hands-free calls without touching the phone

Connect 3.5mm AUX pin

Wk Y10 wired headset  supports a convenient 3.5mm AUX connection, suitable for many different devices

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